Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Convenience of Prescription Sunglasses

Spending time outside has proven health benefits, like reducing stress and improving sleep. But when the sun is blazing, it can be hard on the eyes. If you wear glasses, your only relief may be squinting, which doesn’t offer much in the way of eye protection. Clip-on shades may help, but those don’t always cover your glasses properly, and can leave annoying gaps.

Prescription sunglasses combine the convenience of your regular eyewear with shaded lenses. They can make going to the beach, skiing down the slopes, or just driving in the car a lot more pleasant.                              

Why Wear Sunglasses?

Some people are more sensitive to brightness, so wearing sunglasses seems an obvious choice. But, everyone is susceptible to eye damage from the sun. Even when you close your eyes, your peepers can be sunburned. Just as sunscreen does, shades can help prevent long-term harm.
Sunglasses also prevent damage to the skin around the eyes, which is the most prone to skin cancer. Of course, who doesn’t need a little wrinkle prevention?

What Are the Best Kind?

Prescription lenses from an optometrist’s office will have the proper ultraviolet A and B protection, blocking 99 percent of the dangerous rays. As with regular eyeglasses, the cost will depend on the quality of the frames.

It is important to wear eye protection anytime you are outside or in the car, even on cloudy days. Covering your eyes can help reduce your chances of ocular sunburns and even cataracts.

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