Friday, 23 January 2015

Some Simple Steps to Save Your Sight

Diminished eyesight seems to be inevitable as you age.Besides focusing issues, many people may also develop a cataract, a clouding of the eye lens. One forms when the protein in the eye begins to clump, and it can eventually block your vision. While no study has found a way to prevent developing one, there are a few suggestions to decrease your chances.

Who Is at Risk?

Age is certainly a factor in developing cataracts, but it isn’t the only one. Eyes may become damaged due to diseases such as diabetes. Poor habits such as smoking and alcohol use can also add to your risk. Those who are exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time, such as landscapers or lifeguards, may develop cataracts as well.

How Do You Protect Eyes?

Researchers suggest eating a nutritious diet, including plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits and other foods high in antioxidants. If you do smoke or drink excessive amounts of alcohol, there’s no better time to quit than the present.

Wearing sunglasses is as important as wearing sunscreen when you are outside. Choose glasses that say they block ultraviolet B rays. Even if you are inside a car, UVB rays can penetrate the glass.
Regular eye exams can detect eye problems at their earliest stages. If you are over 60, a comprehensive exam is recommended at least once every two years.

Caring for your body as a whole can help you see into the future.

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